'The people we serve are far more important than what we do'

Student Reviews and testimonials


"Attended one of Dennis's classes in 2008, unbelieveable amount of progress in a few hours when you get the the basics, these people are the best." jr, Bridgewater NS

" Truly one of the best experiences" pw, Halifax NS

" Had a fly rod for years, finally got it to work, Thanks guys and girls" dd, Summerside PEI

"expected to have a great day and got a great, great day" cs.Moncton NB

"Fantasic people, patient and extremely knowledgeable. " sw. New Glasgow. NS

" Dennis, we cant get over how great of an instructor and person you are, that was the best Saturday morning I've had in a long time."
cc. April 2015. Kelowna BC.

"Thanks for the great class yesterday. After 30 + years of educational administration , I have a pretty good idea of what good teaching looks like. You,sir, are an excellent teacher !" rf. Penticton BC

"when you visit San Francisco again, let me know, I want LESSON 2"  dk. San Franscisco Calif.

"I would like to thank you for the excellent presentation last night. From some of the chatter I heard a lot of the guys had no idea for some of the knots make up a good and secure leader/tippet setup. Again thank you.." bh. Oct 6,2016

"Thank you so much for the lesson we all enjoyed your lesson and we are very confident now with our new lessons.  We all want to thank you  lovely wife ,also both Julie and Garret loved her lessons and help thank you so much  I  have actually learned how to cast my rod"  dw. Kelowna BC
"Please come back soon, your instruction was 'bang on' "  ed. Killshandra, Ireland

"Hi Dennis. Thanks so much for giving me a couple hours of casting lessons yesterday. You are a wonderful instructor. I could not imagine having spent a more productive or enjoyable time." mp.Calgary Alberta

Connor Westbury (2009 student) with 7lb Labrador Brookie



UPDATE: Nov 2017